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Connacht Rugby

Irish Biltong are delighted to be in partnership with Connaght Rugby during the 2017/18 campaign.

“In order to meet the training demands of a typical rugby player, both total calorie and protein requirements will be higher than a regular person, so having a variety of snacks is important to help the players meet these requirements.

Irish Biltong makes a great snack option as it is providing a good quality source of protein in a tasty portion size. The players like the variety of flavours (original & chilli), and it makes a great travel/kitbag snack as it is non-perishable and easily transported”

Laura Mahony
Performance Nutritionist, Connacht Rugby

Bristol Rugby

Irish Biltong are delighted to be in partnership with Bristol Rugby during the 2017/18 campaign.

“It’s great to be in partnership with Irish Biltong, a reputed company with a portfolio of professional sports clubs. Irish Biltong provides a lean, healthy source of protein in a single serve packet – ideal to support recovery for our players and help them achieve their nutritional goals. Just as importantly, it tastes great.”
Paul Bunce
Head of Performance, Bristol Rugby
“Nutrition and physical preparation are absolutely vital for our players as we strive to be international standard in everything we do.”
Andrew Petts
Head of Nutrition, Bristol Rugby

Irish Biltong are delighted to be in partnership with Munster Rugby during the 2017/18 campaign.

Munster Rugby

“There is plenty of scientific research investigating the importance of protein in athletic training and performance. There are a number of factors that are worth considering; protein type, protein quality and protein timing. These issues are important for my athletes in the context of pre-season where we hope to make the biggest changes in body composition.”

“Irish Biltong provides a lean source of protein with a full complement of amino acids and their single serve packet provides just the right amount to optimally support recovery from training.”

“Post gym I give the players the handy 30g packet – I’m happy that we are ticking boxes from a nutrition and sport science perspective and the lads are getting a tasty snack.”

“Regular protein intake is important for the whole population to maintain muscle mass and sustain better overall health throughout life. Nutrition is essential for players to be able to train to their maximum capacity, if player nutrition is poor the improvements and adaptation to training simply won’t happen. A vital aspect of this adaptation is their recovery nutrition and a regular protein intake throughout the day (especially straight after training) ensures that players are supporting both muscle growth and the essential repair processes.”

“The Irish Biltong packs are a quick, convenient and tasty product that players like to eat. It contains the right amount of protein that helps players meet their nutritional needs throughout the day.”

Emma Tester
Performance Nutritionist, Munster Rugby

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