Don’t just take our word for it! Here is a sample of some genuine feedback we are receiving about our Irish Biltong

“There is plenty of scientific research investigating the importance of protein in athletic training and performance. There are a number of factors that are worth considering; protein type, protein quality and protein timing. These issues are important for my athletes in the context of pre-season where we hope to make the biggest changes in body composition. Irish Biltong provides a lean source of protein with a full complement of amino acids and their single serve packet provides just the right amount to optimally support recovery from training. Post gym I give the players the handy 30g packet – I’m happy that we are ticking boxes from a nutrition and sport science perspective and the lads are getting a tasty snack.”

“The benefits of looking at protein intake extend beyond athletic performance. Most people are familiar with the idea of losing bone as we age; this loss is also evident in muscle. One of the areas of research investigating preventing muscle mass loss with age (and we’re not talking 80 year olds! Losses are observed as early as after the age of 30 years ) is protein intake. Irish people generally eat 70% of their total daily protein intake at one meal – dinner. This means that opportunities are lost at breakfast, lunch and snacks to prevent age related losses in muscle mass. Current recommendations suggest eating protein containing foods at each meal and snack (breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid morning, mid afternoon) with 20 g as the amount of protein most frequently recommended. This aims both to offset age related muscle mass loss, but also to use the satiating value of high protein foods (how full you feel having eaten something) to better manage hunger, portion control and weight.”

“A 30 g serving of lean protein, such as Irish Biltong, will provide 21 g of quality protein in approx. 80 kcal. Its an Irish product, tastes great and the players here at Munster Rugby can’t get enough of it!”

Dr Catherine Norton on Irish Biltong for Muster Rugby

Dr Catherine Norton

Performance Nutritionist, Munster Rugby

Nice to arrive home to a delivery from great on and off course snack. Paul Dunne with Irish biltong

Paul Dunne

European Tour Pro Golfer, Professional Golfer

‘Thanks to @Irishbiltong for the order! Really tasty stuff! Ideal for snacks!’

Kevin O Byrne at home with Irish Biltong

Kevin O' Byrne

Professional Rugby player, Munster Rugby Club

John Muldoon enjoying the @Irishbiltong product. #100% protein

John Muldoon with IrishBiltong!’

John Muldoon

Professional Rugby player, Connacht Rugby Club

‘Nice little package to come home to from very tasty high protein snack Ok hand signhighly recommend !’

Jordan Coughlan at home with Irish Biltong

Jordan Coughlan

Professional Rugby player, Munster Rugby Club

‘Thanks @Irishbiltong for the care package to help me when I’m in battle. @kieranmarmion and I love it!’

Finlay Bealham with Irish Biltong

Finlay Bealham

Professional Rugby player, Connacht Rugby Club

‘Thanks @Irishbiltong for the delivery, very difficult getting @CraigR_10 to share though’

Aly Muldowney with Irish Biltong

Aly Muldowney

Professional rugby player, Connacht Rugby Club

‘Thanks @Irishbiltong for your Delivery. Went down a treat with @CharlMcLeod and our players #healthysnacks

Charlie McLeod with Irish Biltong

Bernard Jackman

Head Coach, FC Grenoble

‘Loving the @Irishbiltong at the moment such good snack food when you’re as lazy as I am Ok hand sign

Craig Ronaldson and Irish Biltong

Craig Ronaldson

Professional Rugby Player, Connacht Rugby

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Beef Biltong - Made In IrelandThe Irish Biltong Co is a family owned business in County Kildare.

John and Noreen Doyle both come from farming backgrounds and John has been in the meat industry for over 25 years.

Their family history and experience in agricultural processes, along with rearing Irish grass fed cattle on their own farm, allows the Doyles to give people that essential ingredient of trust that every customer needs.